Use Our Managed Cold Email Outreach To Scale Your B2B Sales Pipeline’s Managed Cold Email Service uses data and insights from our real-time B2B data platform to supercharge your sales efforts by crafting and executing ultra-personalized cold email campaigns tailored to your target audience. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing cold email campaigns in-house, and let us take care of it.

Join 200+ Companies in Leveraging our B2B Data 


Our fully managed cold email drip campaigns

👩‍💼 Build Lists
We build targeted email lists with our proprietary real-time B2B data.

✉️ Write Emails
We craft clear and hyper-personalized cold emails that actually get responses.

🌐 Execute Outreach
Send custom messages every month. You’re notified whenever an appointment is booked.

85 K

Emails Sent

135 M

Available Contacts

20 +

Leads Per Month


Approaches We Use Ourselves

Custom Targeting
Our firm’s bread and butter is high-quality B2B data. Unlike our competitors, we have access to our very own data infrastructure to source and filter the right leads for your needs. 

Internal Strategies
Any cold email strategy we use is already tested for our internal processes like to find partners or customers for our services. We would not offer you any lower quality service than what we would use ourselves. 

Optimized Emails Done For You

Crafting tailored cold email outreach is a vital channel for building your brand and quickly growing your sales.

Our Managed Services

Open RateUp to 60%
Reply RateUp to 10%
Conversion Rate: Up to 20%

Highly Personalized
200 to 400 Emails Per Day

$4,500 per month

90-Day Minimum

Traditional Cold Emails

Open Rate: Around 22% 
Reply Rate:  Less than 1%
Conversion Rate: Only about 12%

Not Personalized
Difficult to Setup and Execute

Affordable Managed Service

Quality Matters

Clean Data Sources
Unlike our competitors, we work with our own proprietary, real-time data platform to source leads and can therefore provide you with the highest quality data possible. 

AI-Driven Workflow

Our internal tools analyze each prospect and find the right approach to reach out to them using data that would cost you tens of thousands to get otherwise. 

Professional Team 

Our team is highly experienced with sending cold email campaigns for clients and for our own services. What you get is exactly what we would use for ourselves.

Less than $1.00

For Every Inboxed Prospect

Got Questions? Look Here

Cold Emailing is a difficult to execute strategy but has immense potential.

What is a cold email? Are they legal?

Cold email refers to the practice of sending emails to individuals or businesses with whom the sender has no prior relationship. Cold emails are typically used for outreach, sales, or marketing purposes. The power of cold email lies in its potential to open doors and create opportunities, as it allows individuals or businesses to connect with new prospects, build relationships, and generate leads. Even according to the most strict regulations, if you have a legitimate interest to send these emails you are free to do so when following certain requirements.

What is your typical cold email? What is tracked?

Personalization is key for success in cold email campaigns, which is why we prioritize sending plain-text emails that are designed to appear more personal This not only improves conversion rates but also ensures that our emails won’t get caught by spam filters. Moreover, we utilize multi-variates to make sure each email appears personalized to the recipient, setting it apart from generic emails their coworkers may receive. Emails sent, Open rates, Response Rates and Click rates are tracked for each campaign.

How do you test emails?

Any of our campaigns mirror successful campaigns that were developed internally for our own use. We then A/B test the tailored content for your specific company and need. Using a variety of proprietary tools including generative artificial intelligence and our own B2B data on the companies that we are trying to contact on your behalf the content is further adjusted. All parts of the email, including subject lines, openers, value proposition and the call to action are tested. No duplicate email is ever sent across our process.

Why should I hire a cold email agency?

Cold emails can be an effective and scalable way to reach a large audience. However, the success of cold email campaigns depends on various factors, such as the right lead lists, the quality of the email content, and compliance with relevant regulations, such as anti-spam laws. It takes lots of money and time to set up and manage correctly.

How Many Emails are Sent? From Where?

We tailor the number of cold emails sent based on your industry, total addressable market, and specific needs. Typically, we send between 250 to 400 emails per day, with the first three weeks ramping up slowly to ensure high delivery rates. We closely monitor all responses and book meetings with interested prospects directly to your calendar. To ensure a seamless experience, all our marketing emails are sent from your company name, not ours. With your approval, we set up lookalike domains (like for, so that all outreach comes directly from your brand, eliminating any confusion and maximizing your brand presence with prospects.

What does a typical sales sequence look like?

We build sequences that are built for results. Using current research by a variety of different partners and email providers we optimize the sequence for you as well. Usually, the average B2B email cadence consists of around 5 emails spread out over a 21-day period. Initially for the first three weeks, we build out a slow drip campaign to ensure delivery rates from the new domains, avoid SPAM filters, and test a variety of email content. We also may engage unresponsive prospects from previous campaigns after 90+ days to ensure they know what you are offering.

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