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Where does get its data? is used by salespeople, marketers, and entrepreneurs to optimize their lead generation efforts by accessing a large business contact database, real-time data refreshing, and various artificial intelligence and prospecting tools.

How accurate is your data?

Our entire database is no older than 30 days, with much of our data refreshed when users request certain information, or on demand.

Can I use the platform for free?

While we cannot offer a free version of our platform due to our large infrastructure costs, we would be more than happy to give you a free trial so you can see how our platform works in action and how it will pay for itself if implemented correctly.

Is this legal?

All our data comes from public sources and is processed in our database for our legitimate interest to collate and make available business contact information as part of our service offering to our customers and to facilitate B2B commerce.

Do you have hidden fees?

We pride ourselves on no hidden fees for any of our services. That includes the B2B prospecting platform, managed services, or any other offerings.

Are you interested in partnerships?

Bytient Technologies Inc., the company behind, is a B2B data infrastructure provider and is always looking for partnerships, channel partners, or others. We provide multiple partners with an all-access API system.

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